A group is doing an interesting wealth experiment. Rather than doing an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) where wealthy individuals buy large amounts of a coin, this group is giving the new coin away. This coin is called UniversalCoin (UNV). Once all of the coins have been distributed the project goals will shift to trying to get the coin listed on exchanges, where it will begin to have a measurable value.

I have no idea if this project will be successful, but it is certainly an interesting experiment related to crypto and wealth. They are currently holding off on distributing more coins until sometime in June, 2018 to try and limit people from double dipping and getting more UNV through duplicate accounts.They plan to use a mobile app to regulate who can get coins in the future to reduce the amount of fraud occuring. Head on over to UniversalCoin.io and signup to be part of this experiment.

Note: You will need an ETH wallet to recieve UNV. Do NOT use a ETH wallet on an exchange to get UNV, it won’t work and you won’t receive your coins. I would recommend using myetherwallet.com which is a web based tool that will give you a ETH wallet address. I recommend reading more about Myetherwallet.com in their Getting Started Guide.

For a mobile device wallet I recommend Trust Wallet as it is a ERC-20 token compliant wallet.
Keep your wallet private keys secured and stored safely as you will lose access to your coins if you lose your private key.