I signed up for the Beta of Google Friend Connect (a service built on the Open Social platform) a few months ago and today I received my official invitation into the program. So, I have Google Friend Connectified the site.

The concept behind Open Social is to expand social networking beyond being in one centralized location. Facebook and Myspace are designed to pull all of your content and social connections into their box. They control it. Open Social is designed to allow you to expand your social connections across the internet, a completely decentralized approach. Allowing you to control it. I am very interested to see if this concept can catch on.

Currently there are only a few widgets available through the Google Friend Connect setup, but I anticipate this expanding as more people begin creating widgets to socialize the web via Open Social.

On this site I have added the members widget (which you can see from the homepage), the login widget which is at the top of each page below the search bar, and the review widget which is located in the right hand side of every blog post.

I would love to see some people add themselves to the members widget and become followers of this site. So why not check out Google Friend Connect and add Jeff Bristow dot COM as a site you are following?