Here at The Bristows dot COM I have been using the same theme for a long time. I have been wanting to change the site up for a few months, but just never seemed to have the drive to actually do it. Well, as you can see all of that changed today. The website is completely revamped. Not only does the site ‘look’ different, but the site also ‘functions’ differently now as well. So let me try to explain…..

A traditional blog has a front page with a list of the most recent blog posts. This used to be a traditional blog. Now, the site works more as a portal to the various topics that I tend to write about.

At the top of the site there is a box to highlight the main categories that I am currently writing about. Currently, that is the 2008 Election, Family, and Theology. So these topics are held in this ‘special’ area of the page. This area will be fluid as my creative writing juices continue to evolve., so the categories found here will change over time. But one thing is certain, this area will hold the latest blog posts for that category.

The middle column of the main page holds the summaries of the latest posts from the other categories on the site. This method will make it easier for a visitor to see the latest posts about politics, or about my family without needing to actually navigate to that category. With this change you can see more of the latest content on the site with just a glance. It also shows that I have a much broader range of topics than a first time visitor may have realized.

We also have a ‘Category Cloud’ on the right side of the page. If you want to see every post for a given category just click on the category that interests you. The font size for the category is larger for categories with more content in it. (clever isn’t it)

We are also featuring various blog posts on the left hand side of the site. These are blog posts that I find important and want to direct your attention to. Some may be old, while others may have been written just moment before your arrival. These will change frequently as I write…

Now, if you are thinking ‘man this is crazy confusing, I just want to see your latest posts.’, never fear you can look to the top right of the site to see the last 5 blog posts that I have written in a section called Latest Articles.

I am interested in any and all feedback regarding the new layout and design of the site, so please leave comments and let me know what you think.