On September 9th I essentially predicted that Barack Obama would not win the Presidency in 2008 due to his stance on abortion. ( Here is that blog post. ) I have changed my thoughts on this lately. I continue to learn about American’s that are very pro-life, allowing this issue to be outside of the realm of consideration. The argument is used that they don’t want to be a one issue voter. I agree that we should look at more than one issue regarding any candidate but this does not also mean that we should not look at the issue of abortion. Yet, this appears to be what many people are doing in 2008. The argument to be more than a one issue voter, has become more of an argument to not look at this issue as a voter. I have even heard pro-lifers refer to Obama as more pro-life than any other candidate since he has made statements that he wants to reduce the number of abortions. That argument is certainly very weak, especially in light of the truth about Obama regarding abortion. Two great articles to read that outline Obama’s stand on abortion are: Obama and Infanticide, and Obama’s Abortion Extremism. if you are pro-life and an Obama supporter just be plain that Obama’s views on abortion are appaling, and make no excuses for them. Make your case for Obama on other issues. I understand that we can’t agree with a candidate on every issue, I am just tired of hearing people try to convince themselves and others that Obama is somehow pro-life.

And I just want to add that in the United States, on average, 1.37 million babies are aborted each year. ( from the center for bio ethical reform ) That means in the past 20 years this country has killed about 27.4 million people from abortion alone. The number is staggering. And this is why it should be an issue that everyone considers. You don’t need to be a one issue voter to actually consider this issue when you choose your candidate, but I would ask that you do consider this issue when you make your choice.

Back to my prediction….

As I see Obama advertisements on every street corner, on every website, and during every commercial break (multiple times), it is becoming very clear that Obama is changing opinions in Florida with a very aggressive advertising campaign. I would guess that Obama ads run at a 20:1 ration with McCain ads. People who I would have thought would never agree with Obama’s policies are becoming his most ardent supporters. Therefore, I think Obama is going to win the Presidency with an overwhelming majority. The political map may look similar to when Ronald Reagan won in 1984 for Obama. So now I simply hope that my concerns about Barack Obama’s policies are wrong. That his policies will somehow benefit this country and the world.

And I will also hope that I am as wrong about this election as I was about the Chicago Cubs going to the World Series this year. 🙂