Last night was the final debate before Americans will vote for their next President on November 4th. John McCain has been down in the polls so a lot of pressure was on him. I believe McCain did well bringing up a few issues that the media has been ignoring. William Ayers and ACORN. Obama’s answer to his involvement with Ayers brushed the surface and didn’t go into the real issues involving his relationship with him. I was thinking, “Yes! Finally I will get to hear a good reasoned answer from Obama regarding Ayers, instead of hearing allegations from reporters and right wing commentators.” But I was disappointed. He didn’t address his involvement with Ayers early in his Illinois Senate campaign, nor writing a forward for a book Ayers wrote. These are the issues everyone is wondering about, not sitting on a committee with him. Everyone knows you don’t get to choose who sits on a committee you are on, but we do choose how we start our political career and for whom we will write to and support. I was hoping for Obama to clear the air on this issue, and he failed to provide a good answer. He also dodged his involvement with ACORN and failed to repudiate the activities that ACORN has been doing for his campaign (voter fraud).

I did find that Obama made a much better case for his Health Plan and his Education plan than McCain was able to do for his. It is clear that Obama has been refining his policies over the past few weeks. I must say I like Obama’s Education plan. The military shouldn’t be the only means of service that college grads can take to help pay for their college. The Peacecorps and Community involvement are great ways for college graduates to spend a few years to help pay down their education debt and do some great things for fellow Americans and people around the world. I also like that he wants to focus money on early education so the costs later will be lower. This makes sense. I am concerned though that as with all government ventures, it will end up being about handing money to groups rather than having groups prove that their programs and techniques are successful in order to earn government funding.

As much as I like what Obama said about education his health plan has some huge holes in it. I am concerned that employer provided benefits will vanish once this new government system is put in place. If Obama is telling the truth that there is no penalty for businesses, then what incentive do they have to provide coverage? None. And if there is a penalty, then small businesses may crumble since they won’t be able to pay the fine. (And if this is the case then Obama lied last night as well, if you saw the expression on McCain’s face he was very surprised to hear that the fine had ‘vanished’) Obama is also offering a 50% cut on health care costs when an employer provides their employees coverage. However, this doesn’t cover the other 50% being mandated by the government. These are some fundamental issues that Obama is failing to see, and will need to be addressed. His health plan alone could destroy a hurting economy by pushing small businesses out of business. Let alone his higher taxes for individuals and businesses that make more than $250,000 per year. McCain sees these holes, but McCain’s health plan seems to be rather short sighted. A Tax Credit to buy insurance? McCain said in the debate that the issue for health insurance is rising costs. Yet McCain’s plan doesn’t do anything to help decrease these costs. A $5,000 tax credit for health insurance will be helpful, but I don’t see how it is a viable long term solution. So both candidates are weak on this issue. However, one candidate isn’t proposing a plan that could wreck the economy.

What McCain is right on is tax cuts to businesses and corporations. Our corporate tax rate has driven businesses to other countries. We need to lower this to encourage companies to operate here in the United States. We work for these companies, so when they stick around our jobs stick around. When they expand, more jobs are created. It is a win for all Americans. Not just the ‘rich’. Obama is going to tax this group more, which will affect all of us. More people will lose jobs. It is simply how things work. Obama wants to tax them more because it will be more ‘fair’. Fair to whom? The worker who loses their job? The company that closes up shop? The company that moves to Mexico to save money due to the higher taxes? When you understand economics you realize it simply isn’t fair for anyone to pay higher taxes. Tax cuts should be at all economic levels in society to encourage economic growth through the purchase of more goods, and for more goods to be produced here in America.

The other big issue that came up in this debate was Abortion. Obama continues to not see clearly on this issue. He also dodged comments from McCain regarding his very own record. Obama doesn’t have a good defense for what he has said and done while a Illinois Senator. Obama could win me over rather quickly if he had a ‘Damascus’ story where he were to realize how wrong he is on this issue, and explain how he has changed his view. Obama says it is a moral issue. (he said it last night in the debate.) which tells me he should know that abortion is wrong. Is his base so pro-abortion that he doesn’t want to ever come out against it? Does he not have the courage? I believe what is more likely the truth is that he feels that it is immoral to allow an unwanted child to live and less immoral to abort a child. Obama had an opportunity last night to reverse course and win me over on this issue by admitting that he has been wrong and to be courageous by standing up against his party and his pro-abortion supporters.

On the issues I find most important Obama simply looks like the wrong choice for America. His tax changes and health care plan have serious potential to destroy our economy. McCain wants to reel in spending and balance the budget. McCain has a more realistic plan for energy independence by using resources we have while we research and develop renewable resources. Obama is missing the concept that we need a bridge to new technology. He is against using much of the energy resources we have in the United States that could give us energy independence sooner rather than later. McCain recognizes that the abortion issue is about the rights of the unborn child, and Obama thinks the issue is about the rights of the mother who doesn’t want a baby.

So how could Obama have convinced me to vote for him?
– A responsible energy agenda focused on independence rather than future renewable technologies. Recognizing that renewables are the ideal in the future when that technology is developed. Utilizing current technologies as a means for early independence and a bridge to future technologies. ( a program similar to the space program in the sense that it would be a goal to achieve even if we don’t know how we are going to get there. )
– Tax cuts for all people, and not not increasing corporate taxes. (Fundamental Economics)
– Changing his view on abortion and explaining his transformation. (Fundamental Morals)
– Focusing his health agenda on tort reform and insurance costs rather than a government run program that will cost tax payers trillions of dollars in the long run.

If you missed the debate you can watch it right here. 🙂