A list of 14 lies are making their rounds across the internet. They are lies that Joe Biden made during the VP debate. I was aware of a few of these lies, and was not surprised. Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates tend to ‘stretch’ or ‘break’ the truth on a regular basis when it appears to be in their best interest to do so, Republican or Democrat. I think it is a part of how our political system ‘works’.

Here is the list of 14 lies with my commentary in bold.

1. TAX VOTE: Biden said McCain voted the exact same way as Obama to increase taxes on Americans earning just $42,000, but McCain DID NOT VOTE THAT WAY.

2. AHMEDINIJAD MEETING: Joe Biden lied when he said that Barack Obama never said that he would sit down unconditionally with Mahmoud Ahmedinijad of Iran. Barack Obama did say this specifically, and Joe Biden attacked him for it. ( I did notice this lie last night. And I think Joe should have said ‘Of Course we will sit down with him, how else can we try to improve relations with our enemy? By ignoring them or threatening them?’ The Obama camp needs to embrace this difference rather than trying to cover it up.)

3. OFFSHORE OIL DRILLING: Biden said, Drill we must. But Biden has opposed offshore drilling and even compared offshore drilling to raping the Outer Continental Shelf. ( This was also the first time I have heard Biden say anything in favor of drilling for oil in the United States. )

4. TROOP FUNDING: Joe Biden lied when he indicated that John McCain and Barack Obama voted the same way against funding the troops in the field. John McCain opposed a bill that included a timeline, that the President of the United States had already said he would veto regardless of it’s passage.

5. OPPOSING CLEAN COAL: Biden says he’s always been for clean coal, but he just told a voter that he is against clean coal and any new coal plants in America and has a record of voting against clean coal and coal in the U.S. Senate. ( I was aware of this lie as well, and was surprised to hear Biden becoming a proponent of a USA based energy source. )

6. ALERNATIVE ENERGY VOTES: According to FactCheck.org, Biden is exaggerating and overstating John McCain’s record voting for alternative energy when he says he voted against it 23 times.

7. HEALTH INSURANCE: Biden falsely said McCain will raise taxes on people’s health insurance coverage — they get a tax credit to offset any tax hike. Independent fact checkers have confirmed this attack is false

8. OIL TAXES: Biden falsely said Palin supported a windfall profits tax in Alaska — she reformed the state tax and revenue system, it’s not a windfall profits tax.

9. AFGHANISTAN / GEN. MCKIERNAN COMMENTS: Biden said that top military commander in Iraq said the principles of the surge could not be applied to Afghanistan, but the commander of NATO’s International Security Assistance Force Gen. David D. McKiernan said that there were principles of the surge strategy, including working with tribes, that could be applied in Afghanistan. ( I want to also note that right after Joe said this he said this very same general said we ‘need more troops’ in Afghanistan. Which is it Joe? is he against the surge or for it? )

10. REGULATION: Biden falsely said McCain weakened regulation — he actually called for more regulation on Fannie and Freddie.

11. IRAQ: When Joe Biden lied when he said that John McCain was ‘dead wrong on Iraq’, because Joe Biden shared the same vote to authorize the war and differed on the surge strategy where they John McCain has been proven right. ( Everyone knows that Joe Biden has always supported the war in Iraq, that is until he became the VP pick for Obama. He needs to stand his ground and not be swayed by his party. I was surprised to see him change this position that he has held for so long. )

12. TAX INCREASES: Biden said Americans earning less than $250,000 wouldn’t see higher taxes, but the Obama-Biden tax plan would raise taxes on individuals making $200,000 or more. ( And it should be noted that taxing those making over $250,000 will increase the costs of goods and services, so it becomes an indirect tax on every American that spends money in our economy, which means less money goes into the economy, and more goes to Washington. Doesn’t sound like that great of a plan during an economic down turn. Corporate and individual taxes need to be cut, not one or the other. There is nothing ‘fair’ about taxing one group of people at a higher rate than another.)

13. BAILOUT: Biden said the economic rescue legislation matches the four principles that Obama laid out, but in reality it doesn’t meet two of the four principles that Obama outlined on Sept. 19, which were that it include an emergency economic stimulus package, and that it be part of ‘part of a globally coordinated effort with our partners in the G-20.’

14. REAGAN TAX RATES: Biden is wrong in saying that under Obama, Americans won’t pay any more in taxes then they did under Reagan. ( And this is simply due to Obama’s increase on businesses and upper income Americans. Oh wait, those people are not actually Americans…. so they don’t count. )

If you would like to watch the debate yourself to see if you can catch these lies you can watch it here.