Have you wondered what your taxes might look like after McCain or Obama becomes the President of the United States? If we assume that either candidate can actually get anything passed through congress you can go to http://www.electiontaxes.com/ and get a basic idea of what your tax difference could be.

There are a lot of variables that are not being taken into account in the above calculator for both candidates full proposals, mainly due to these variables not being quantifiable or directly affecting your actual tax bill, but could greatly determine your purchasing power. (inflation, corporate taxes handed down to customers as additional costs to ‘goods and services’, and other such items) But if you would like to read through the full list of assumptions actually used for this calculator you can click here.

More importantly if you would like to see a plan that would truly revolutionaize the tax code in the United States, bring businesses back to the USA and provide more green in your wallet click here. It is called the Fair Tax, and to see what your wallet would look like under the Fair Tax you can use this calculator. Too bad no major candidate actually has the fortitude to think ‘outside of the box’. Mccain and Obama simply want to tweak the current tax code, rather than making it fair and more lucrative to the public and the government. It is my opinion that anything less than the FairTax won’t save our economy. We are going down the tubes, and some serious action needs to be taken to increase our individual purchasing power and increase revenues for the government so they can pay off our nations debt.