I am convinced that after a few weeks of analysis that there is a major stumbling block between the Democratic Party and America. This year the Democrats have an impressive candidate, which is a nice change from John Kerry and Al Gore. Yet, McCain is leading the polls. Why is this? Is it because of McCain’s VP choice of Sarah Palin? Is it because he is a ‘white guy’? I believe these are both factors for some in choosing John McCain over Obama. However, I think that regardless of these things there is one far more blaring issue that keeps many American’s away from the Democratic Party.

That issue is Abortion.

The Democratic Party has a long track record of supporting the minority, and providing social justice. Qualities that every American should admire. Democrats were highly instrumental in the Civil Rights movement, and with seeing Women’s rights become a reality. However, on the side of Abortion they are failing to see this is as yet another minority group that needs to be defended. The unborn child. Instead they are dropping this issue into ‘womens rights’ rather than ‘childrens rights’.

Many Americans see this disconnect and are troubled by the immorality of it. They are troubled so much so that they would rather vote for a Republican, regardless of what they believe about any other policy issue. The Democratic Party has social changes that most people can believe in. Health care costs are soaring and the Democrats have some ideas to solve this, the Republicans just want to give you a tax cut. Jobs are disappearing from this country and Republicans just want to push more ‘free trade’ so that other nations can produce cheaper products for us to purchase, meaning less people making them here at home. The Democratic Platform this year is the strongest I have ever seen. Yet it misses a vital mark. Democrats are on the wrong side of the Abortion issue. They need to go back to standing up for the rights of those who can not speak for themselves. They need to be the party that is there to protect everyones rights, even the unborn.

If the Democratic Party were to move to the right side on this issue I believe that the Democratic Party would sweep the national election. They would control the Legislative and Executive branches and have an amazing opportunity to actually implement many of the changes that they are campaigning on. But, they remain the party calling ‘Pro-Life’, ‘Anti-Abortion Rights’. And as long as they continue this I doubt we will see a Democrat win the white house, no matter how great a speaker he is, or how great any of his other ideas are. Too many Americans view this issue as a foundational issue that shows the moral compass of an individual. And when this is off the mark, everything else the candidate stands for is viewed the same way.