The past few weeks I have been thinking about a wide range of issues. From the economy, health care, and foreign relations, to abortion and the death penalty. Today I would like to share with you some of my thoughts on the Economy of the United States of America.

As most people know, I am conservative. I don’t hide this in any way. Always have been. But I do not consider myself a ‘Republican’. Though I am currently a registered Republican in the State of Florida. (if you are curious about how this happened you can click here ) I have always been independent minded. I like to look at each issue and come to a conclusion, rather than having a party of people form my conclusions for me. I am a proponent of ‘Responsible Government’. That means that our leaders work for the best interest of the nation, not their party. This means our leaders will lower taxes when it is beneficial and raise taxes only when it is necessary. It means our leaders will spend tax dollars wisely, and only on things that are factually beneficial to the nations economy, and security. It means our leaders should never govern for the purpose of getting re-elected, they should govern because they are willing to serve and sacrifice a time of their life to help lead the nation. They should be Responsible stewards of the authority given to them. I honestly do not care which political party a candidate comes from, if they can show me they can govern responsibly, they can earn my vote.

The Economy
I find it very disturbing that the Republican party is responsible for the greatest amount of irresponsible spending and debt in America’s history over the past eight years. I always thought they were they supposed to be the ‘Conservatives’? Oh, how times have changed. Now, I know some Republicans will argue that it is the Democratic congress that is passing all of the earmarks that have spent us over the edge. This is true, so blame goes on the Democratic party as well. But there has been a Republican sitting in the seat that can Veto any bill that comes across his desk. And if this Republican were to use that Veto power, congress would have stopped filling each bill with pork barrel spending. The Republican President for the past eight years has failed to perform as a conservative and allowed a massive amount of irresponsible spending under his watch. (and in case you are not sure who this Republican is, his name is George Walker Bush)

The war in Iraq is also costing us 10 billion dollars each month, but the hard honest truth is that the war is not what has sent America into a debt spin. It is out of control spending presented by both a Republican and Democrat congress with a President that doesn’t have the will to fight against unnecessary spending. In my opinion this makes Republicans and Democrats liberal on spending. Neither party can claim to be fiscally conservative anymore. This is why our economy is going down the tubes and prices keep going up. The American dollar is worth less each day, and we are in debt to nations that do not see eye to eye with us politically. (ie. capitalism or democracy) China owns most of our debt. And China makes most of our products. This really places the United States in a very difficult situation. We are tied to a communist nation through the products we purchase and the debt we owe. Our economies are tied together, but tied in a manner that primarily benefits China’s economy while stifling our own. I place blame on the past 8 years of White House Administration and Congress for this massive failure that will affect this nations future for years to come.

So, how do we solve the economic crisis that America finds herself in? Lower Taxes? Higher Taxes? More Spending? Less Spending? How about Responsible Spending. I want to see a candidate that will push for a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. This means balanced, as in we pay our debt bills and all outgoing expenses without going into more debt each year. Congress needs a tool to help them determine proper tax rates, to encourage them to cut bloated or useless programs from the budget, and to spend each dollar with care and concern for how well it is being spent. Without a Balanced Budget Amendment I don’t see either party Republican, or Democrat truly solving our economic issues. So, for now all I can look for is a candidate to promise reduced spending during their time in office.

So, which candidate is promising to reduce spending? I find myself looking to a man that I have never been a fan of. I don’t have any concrete reasons for not really liking him, but he just always seemed…. well…. boring to me. He is John McCain. He has a huge promise hanging out there right now. To Veto any bill that comes across his desk that has earmarks. He promises to reduce spending through this process, which has a track record of working at the State level. Granted, John McCain has no executive experience so he has never had the task of doing this, so I am trusting that he is being honest about fighting earmarks. But my trust is not blind, it is based on his record in the Senate for not participating in producing earmarks or adding them to any bill. He is one of only a few senators that can honestly claim this. McCain also just chose Sarah Palin as his VP, and she does have experience using the Veto in the State of Alaska and attests that using it stops the earmarks, reduces spending, and makes congress more responsible. So, this shows me that he is serious about this. He even choose a VP that will continue with this task if something were to happen to him.

So, why not Barack Obama? Obama has been promising a lot, and he is not promising to reduce spending. He is promising more spending with more taxes to support it. For example, if he wants to fix health care, he needs to look at federal programs to cut, to spend the dollars we already have for this program, rather than raising more dollars through tax revenue. There is enough waste as it is, and I highly suspect a government run health care solution is going to have its fair share of bloat. If Obama talked about reduced spending and specifics as to what he would cut to make his many promises a reality, he could earn my vote on the economy front. But, he has made it clear that all of his promised programs will be funded through more taxes to the wealthy, and to businesses. Oddly enough businesses simply pass their tax burden into the price they charge for their product or service, which means a tax increase on these people does mean a tax increase on all of us. I believe many of Obama’s promises resonate with many Americans. But, I do not believe that he will make the hard choices to cut existing programs so that he can provide new more beneficial ones, he will simply add more to the already bloated and irresponsible spending our government already has.