I am in a competition with others at my Gym to be on the Top 10 list this month. I successfully achieved this last month and was well on target to be at 4th or 5th place a few weeks ago. Then I had my ‘incident’ that kept me out of the Gym for over a week. Now I am struggling to stay in the number 10 slot. A few days ago I thought this was going to be fairly easy to do, but the competition is tougher than I had expected. I am no longer certain I will be able to keep the number 10 spot. And I may not have an opportunity to go to the Gym tonight after work since I need to work late.

top10 1/31/08

Hopefully the Town Hall Meeting tonight will be short so I can get into the Gym and do at least an hour of intense cardio to give me a boost in the standings.