A few months ago my wife and I were watching a show on the Discovery channel about Yellowstone National Park.? You know, the home of Yogi the Bear. (well, he is in Jellystone, but we all know they meant Yellowstone… those crazy writers.) Well some scientists have been studying Yogi’s home and have discovered that the entire region is rising. So much so that there is a lake that is actually moving. The reason they the entire region is rising is that this area of the world is one massive super volcano. So massive that we can say goodbye to any kind of normal environment in North America after it blows. I am fairly confident that Al Gore is gearing up to begin a campaign to prevent this disaster because all of the CO2 and other greenhouse gases that will be released.? If Yellowstone erupts this will make Mt. St. Helens look like nothing. I really didn’t think much of this story when I first heard about it. And I had ever heard about it from any other sources, until today. National Geographic has placed a brief article about this on their website.
The article I am referring to is here.

So check out the article. And I would recommend not living in Yellowstone or within this radius of Yellowstone.

Hey, someone go get Yogi and BooBoo, they are living in a very dangerous part of the world.