This is a question that I thought really had a very clear answer. “Of course not.” But I have been mistaken. A friend of mine (Tony Wheeler) told me he was on this morning for Church. Life ChurchSo I decided to check it out. I saw the end of their first service and am currently listening to their second worship service. I spent only about 45 minutes on their site in their lobby and in their service and have already met a few people who are in Florida starting groups that will meet in person and online. I also saw over 30 people raise their hands to accept Christ after the message. Oh, and some families were baptized at the beginning of their second worship service. In short. This is amazing. God is using . I was wrong. Church can be done online, simply because there are people online. And that is what the Church is, God’s people gathering together to minister and worship.

So if you are wanting to spend some time with God’s people (ya know the Church) you can head over to, they have internet services at:

* Saturday
o 7:00pm Central Time
* Sunday
o 10:00am Central Time
o 11:30am Central Time