I have been listening to a guy named Glenn Beck on the radio since sometime in 2003, so for around four years now. He is a conservative talk radio guy and he recently got a show on CNN Headline News. What I like about this guy is that as listen to him I keep finding myself saying “Yes. Thats it.” and I am impressed with how he tackles issues head on. He is also very clear that he is a conservative, so he isn’t hiding any ‘agenda’, he is completely out in the open about who he is. He also describes himself as a ‘rodeo clown’ , which is a fairly accurate description since he is the funniest political radio talk show host (that I know of) and has the funniest cable news show on TV (that I have seen). He is an entertainer far more than he a ‘News Analyst’, but even though he is a ‘rodeo clown’ , he does an excellent job at analyzing the news. Glenn Beck has me laughing at least a few times during his radio program or his TV show. And something that I have always been impressed with his openness about his faith. I have heard him talk about his faith in Christ on numerous occasions. But I learned just a few days ago that he is Mormon. So maybe I wasn’t listening well enough, or he wasn’t as clear as I had thought. I truly was stunned to learn that he is a Mormon. I mean I really thought Glenn was a a follower of Christ, not a follower of Joseph Smith. So I was shook for a bit. Should I keep listening to this guy? Am I being brainwashed? These were a few of the questions going through my head. But it occurred to me that even though he is not a Christian, he seems to have a very clear view on world politics and world events. So I am continuing to watch him, but I am now more cautious and more aware as I listen to him. He still makes me laugh, even his blog tends to be hilarious. So you will find links to his blog on my ‘Other Blogs‘ page. So if you are wanting to listen to some good opinions on world events and watch some great interviews with humor mixed all through, then Glenn Beck is someone to check out on CNN Headline News. Who would have thought that I would find a Mormon to be so insightful and entertaining?

Below you will find a video I found where Glenn talks about his ‘conversion’ to Mormonism.