Microsoft has just unveiled a very Google-ish website. I guess not being involved in all the buzz around the latest web technologies has made Microsoft feel a bit left out. Well, not anymore. has a simple, user friendly interface. Which I am very grateful for. is not a duplicate of, but it sure seems like a duplicate of At least on the surface. You have the choices to search the web, images, news, local, and a Qna feature (which I think is very cool). The layout of these options is interestingly so much like the Google interface that it just makes you wonder where Microsoft got it’s inspiration from….

Well if you begin searching you will soon discover that does not seem to have as large a pool of sites indexed as google does. This in short means Google is still a far better search engine. So when it comes to what is inside, falls short of the search leader. But let’s not forget that is new to the scene and will surely develop, expand and grow as time goes on. And let’s not forget that is a Microsoft endevour, and Microsoft does not like failure and will utilize the almost endless resources at their disposal to reach the top.

So I am excited to see how develops. Will google be topled? Will Yahoo make their interface simple again? (probably not…) Will Microsoft be sued by Google for a interface rip-off? One thing is certain we will get to see how Google and will innovate and provide for us the users. So I see this as a very positive endevour for Microsoft because it puts pressure on Google to innovate as well as on Microsoft. So let the games begins and bring us more web based toys that don’t cost us anything! (except for our time…)