As anyone who frequents here can tell, I have been very involved in this years primary process. And if you hadn’t noticed I have put my full support behind Mike Huckabee.

I have gotten some emails from people telling me that I am crazy to be supporting Huckabee more now than I was before, especially since it is ‘impossible‘ for Mike Huckabee to win the nomination. I know the media is using the word ‘impossible‘ but if you do that math it actually is possible, and if the GOP goes to what is called a ‘brokered’ convention, then it is very possible. The GOP hasn’t had a brokered convention since 1976, so it is a fairly unheard of idea for people my age. And to see how this really is possible I encourage you to check out this video. (Ronald Reagan took the GOP to a brokered convention in 1976)

Here are 7 things I like about Mike Huckabee:

1. Mike has a track record of working with Democrats to get things accomplished. (better roads and better schools in Arkansas are some big ticket items). Some of the other candidates have a message of reaching across party lines, but don’t have executive experience actually doing this. With our nation so divided we need someone who can work with ‘the other side’ and get things done for America.

2. Mike understands and champions the FairTax. He knows our current tax system is ridiculous and needs to not just be adjusted but to be completely abolished, and the 16th Amendment reversed. The FairTax would be a huge incentive for corporations to come back to America, and everyone would keep all of their paycheck. I can’t imagine anything better for the US economy.

3. Mike doesn’t give up. There are a lot of critics telling Mike Huckabee to quit, and he refuses to do this. Mike is standing because he believes his ideas are good for America, and just because some media pundits don’t like him, or say the task is impossible, he is dedicated to pushing forward until one GOP candidate has 1,191 delegates.

4. Mike does not stand for the right wing or the left wing. In fact, he is tired of right and left politics and wants us to focus on what he calls ‘Vertical Politics’ , which means we focus on what will take America up and not down. We don’t need any more ‘left’ vs ‘right’, we need people who will do what is best for America.

5. Mike has a real plan for immigration reform, to make the process of coming to this country fluid and fair. Currently it can take our immigration process years to approve people. This is insane, and needs to be sped up to within a few days, not a few years. This will help people to come this country legally. Mike also recognizes that people who come here illegally are not all ‘bad’ people. However, he recognizes that after securing our border and fixing the immigration process we have about 12 million people who will need to get back in line and enter this country legally, and he is willing to do this. So, he is willing to enforce our immigration laws while fixing them. I haven’t heard any other candidate talk about this aspect of the illegal immigration problem.

6. Mike has a plan to make America Energy Independent within 10 years. This is the real solution to the war on terror, it isn’t to send more troops and anihalate nations in the middle east. We need to stop supporting them with our dollars, and as long as we are dependent on other nations for our energy we will always be in bondage to them. We can deal with China making our toys but we certainly can’t have any nation control our energy, we need that to always be an American product.

7. Mike recognizes that a baby in the womb is still a human, and deserves to live. Mike is willing to champion an Amendment to the constitution that would protect the life of an unborn child. Because every life matters.

Because of these issues I am pushing to help Mike Huckabee overcome the odds and become the GOP nominee. I would love to see a Mike Huckabee vs Barack Obama general election. Because then we would have two men who understand that we can no longer have politics as usual in Washington. Each one of them has a message about getting away from right vs left and focusing on what is best for America. And that is what America needs, not partisan politics as usual. (meaning ineffective leadership that accomplishes nothing because nobody will work with each other)

If you are reading this I would ask that you learn more about Mike Huckabee at And if you decide that Mike is the right person for the job of President of the United States would you consider joining HucksArmy: Special Forces? This is a grassroots organization focused on spreading Mike Huckabee’s support base through word of mouth. There is also an ever growing group of supporters at ,where they have a discussion board for Mike Huckabee supporters. I have found this to be a great resource for questions I have had about Mike Huckabee.

And if you are moved to donate some money to Mike Huckabee would you consider donating using my Donor Code of : R110 on ? I am attempting to raise $500 for Mike Huckabee. Mike has been the underdog with finances from day one, and it is his positive message that is leading the way right now, not his advertising campaign. But with more money he can get his message out to more people. Mike Huckabee is the first political candidate that I have ever donated my money or time to and I hope that you will consider doing the same. - I Like Mike!