The State of Washington held a caucus on Saturday. They had record turnouts and by late Saturday evening the vote counts started rolling into the media. Once they got to 87.3% of the vote the Washington State GOP decided to stop counting votes and declared John McCain the winner. Oddly, the difference between Jon McCain and the second place candidate were only around 200 votes.

I admit I am no legal or political expert, but when a vote is this close the last thing you do is stop counting and call the race. Almost 13% of the votes in Washington are being ignored. So if you voted in Washington the GOP might be saying your vote doesn’t count.

If you would like to voice your concerns to the Washington GOP you can contact Luke Esser at: Phone: (206) 575-2900 / email: gro.prswnull@ekul

This is America, and every vote must be counted!

UPDATE: Luke Esser has begun the vote counting again in Washington. They have now counted 93% of the votes and Huckabee has gotten a bit closer to McCain. However, Luke Esser also made the following comment to The Seattle Times.

“Esser said Sunday that the Republican Party was going to try to get as “close as we can to 100 percent” in the vote count. But Esser doesn’t believe counting more votes will change the outcome.” – The Seattle Times

Someone needs to tell Mr. Esser that 100% must be counted, you don’t get as ‘close as you can’, you actually count 100% and then provide the official results. Anything short of that is fraud.