If you haven’t read the previous post titled ‘Room 367‘ you should probably do so before reading this update.


Well today was my second day as a patient at the Cape Coral Hospital. I met with my primary care physician, a cardiologist and had a CT Scan of my cranium performed. The cardiologist scheduled some tests for tomorrow so I have to stay here yet one more night. And the CT Scan came back as normal.
The day has been spent having regular blood pressure checks, and wearing a heart monitor.

No reason has yet been found for why I passed out while I was working out Saturday morning.

Tomorrow I will be having a Stress Test and a Electro Cardiogram done. If these can be done in the morning I might be released tomorrow afternoon. This is of course if they come back as normal just like everything else. But if the tests can’t be done until the afternoon I may end up being here yet another night waiting for the doctors to see the results.

Basically the only thing I know today is that I appear to be in good health if health is determined by blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, and CT scans. I am trying to stay positive and keep joking with the staff. Hopefully I have been a pleasant patient for them.

I am feeling great and am looking forward to leaving the Hospital as soon as possible. Hopefully that will be tomorrow.

I will post more later.