footprintsI have been reflecting back on the past year and realized that a lot has happened in my life. A lot of things probably happen to me every every year, but I think this year has had some unique opportunities and challenges that have made a profound impact on the way I think about the world, myself and life in general.

I have listed here what I believe are the top 5 events in my life during the year 2007.

1. I learned that God is truly a God of Justice and Mercy. I knew this before, I really did. But it wasn’t until I read through the Old Testament this year that I really understood this. I discovered that God’s love does not mean he looks the other way and lets people do whatever they want. (Even though it can seem that way if you look around) His love can often involve allowing very bad things to happen to us, so that we will seek Him. I learned that all ‘bad things’ are not from the enemy, but can be from God to bring us to Him. I wrote about this on July 30th of this year in more detail here.

2. I have learned the value of a calorie. I have been living the past 15 years ignorant of how much weight a calorie has on me, and due to this I added a lot of weight to myself. I am now eating better and working out almost every day. I am losing weight and feeling great, simply because I learned the value of a calorie.

3. I learned about The Children’s Network of Southwest Florida. Jaime and I were looking to adopt a child internationally when we learned about kids here locally that need homes. We have gone through M.A.P.P classes and are now waiting to begin the home study process. Learning about the needs of children in our area will dramatically change our lives within the next year since we will have children! I wrote a bit about this here on October 19th of this year.

4. I learned that I have relatives on my biological Father’s side that have been praying for me my entire life. This has been an amazing and encouraging experience. I know God has heard their prayers and has guided me to where I am today. Learning all of this is a mixed bag of emotions from excitement to sadness. Wishing that I could have had the opportunity to know them as I was growing up, but I can’t change the past and can only move forward and see what happens. I wrote about this initial phone call on June 27th of this year here.

5. I began blogging. I have had this blog for a while, but I didn’t actually start blogging regularly until the beginning of this year. Simple writing things from time to time has really helped me to process my thoughts and come to grips with various issues.