Mike HuckabeeWe all know that the media always has a bias. Sometimes it leans towards the liberal spectrum, and other times towards the conservative end. I listen to a lot of talk radio and it is clearly biased towards the Right. But I am noticing something else over the past few weeks. There is a clear bias against Mike Huckabee by the majority of the conservative media. This being, Talk Radio and Fox News. As of today the Rasmussen poll has Mike Huckabee as the front runner for the Republican party with 23% and Giuliani behind him with 17%. Yet, Mike Huckabee is written off quickly by the Conservative Media. Sean Hannity has been the most blatant. Sean clearly supports Giuliani but tries to come across as being neutral, which he seems to be with every republican candidate. That is unless the discussion turns to Mike Huckabee. He gets much harsher and I have never heard him say one single positive thing about Mike Huckabee. It probably wouldn’t be too difficult to find a ton of positive statements regarding Giuliani, Romney, or Thompson. But Huckabee, thats another story. Glenn Beck also writhes whenever he discusses Mike Huckabee, mainly because Mike Huckabee has been so bold to say he doesn’t know much about Mormonism and asked the ‘wrong person’ about Mormonism. It is a bit irrational. And I think Glenn Beck is usually a pretty fair guy. But again, not with Mike Huckabee. Bill O’Reilly seems to be the most fair out of the Conservative Media that I have seen, but he also seems to consider Mike Huckabee as someone who will fall out of the race soon enough.

So, this has me thinking. Why? Why can’t the Conservative Media be fair and balanced regarding the republican front runner when the republican base currently is? I honestly can’t think of a single legitimate reason. It really seems like they had someone in mind to win the nomination and Mike Huckabee is now a threat to that. I think they have gone from providing “fair and balanced” coverage to covertly promoting some candidates over others. I know this isn’t news by any stretch. Alan Keyes has always been victim to this sort of bias. What is unique is that this bias continues even when someone becomes 1st ,2nd or even 3rd in the rankings. I believe that Mike Huckabee has the values and the record that a conservative would want want in a republican candidate. Mike Huckabee is closer to a Ronald Reagan republican than any other candidate in my lifetime. He is candid and intelligent. He understands the issues, and is able to communicate effectively with people. The American people appear to like Mike Huckabee. That is why he is doing so well in the polls. It will be rather interesting to see what the Conservative Media will do if Mike Huckabee wins the Republican primary. I believe he has the momentum to achieve this. And one of the most interesting things about Mike Huckabee is that his campaign hasn’t raised even a fraction of the money as the other leading candidates, yet he keeps rising in the polls. To me this says people are interested in his message not just the lobbyists with their check books. because of this I believe that Mike Huckabee has the greatest chance of winning the republican nomination and the latest Rasmussen Poll shows that I am not alone in this belief.