Wednesday I had my follow up appointment with my doctor about my chest x-ray and blood lab results. Some of the results were a bit surprising but then others, I guess were to be expected.

On my chest x-ray they saw scarring on my lungs and they were wondering if I had had any severe respiratory infection when I was younger. I wasn’t able to think of anything while at the doctors office, but then while talking with Jaime I realized that this is likely from my infamous ‘Jamaica Virus’. Some of you may remember that in 2004 as soon as I returned from Jamaica I got really sick. I was sick for about three weeks with heavy coughing, fever, and little to no energy. At the time I had no medical insurance but a doctor did come to see me and said it was viral and that I would simply need to fight it off. At the end of the three weeks of illness I then lost my voice for two weeks. It got to the point that I didn’t think I would ever be able to talk above a whisper. But then I just sorta got better. And I think the scarring on my lungs that they found on the x-ray is from the Jamaica Virus.

Now I wish that this information was the most important thing they found, but it really is pretty insignificant. I have slightly high cholesterol, but my triglyceride count is near triple the normal value. So…. I am now on a very strict diet.

I need to avoid carbohydrates and fats at all costs and need to decrease my triglyceride count by 100 points by February. So I need to get with the program and stop being a glutton. Currently my Triglyceride count is at 371 and needs to be below 150. So even my doctor is only expecting a 100 point reduction by February. This makes me think that to do this, it is going to be a lot of diligence involved on my part.

So to do this, I am going to the gym at 5:30 every morning before work, and will not be eating out on a regular basis, and when I do, I will be getting a salad or something else that is no fat and low carbs. My doctor explained for about 45 minutes that if I do not make these changes now that I will become diabetic soon. I know I need to do this if I want to have a healthy life in the future. This is going to be a very difficult life style change for me, so I am glad that I have my wife and some friends that will be helping keep me accountable.

Also please pray for me, that I will be able to really change my eating and exercise habits and become healthier.