The American Heritage Dictionary defines the word adoption as:
“To take into one’s family through legal means and raise as one’s own child.”

Jaime and I have been exploring adoption for a few months. We have looked at International Adoption, domestic adoption, and domestic fostering. Currently we are working to narrow down the direction God wants us to move in. We both feel deeply compelled to adopt a child. At this point we are not sure the direction that we would like to go in. Should we adopt a child that needs a family here in the US? Maybe focus on a child in Asia? Maybe an infant? Maybe a toddler? Maybe…. well the maybes can continue.

I would like to ask anyone who may be reading this to be praying for Jaime and I. That we will be on the same page and follow the direction God wants us to go in. Adoption is a big step and I can relate to a degree with the situation that some of these children are in. ( I am half adopted. Maybe I should try and find a better term for my situation?) So I feel a connection with children who have been abondoned and need a Mom and a Dad. Jaime feels more of a pull to help children who have medical needs. And honestly that idea scares the stuff right out of me. So we are not 100% on the same page. The good news is that we are both in the same book. So please pray for us, that we will get to the same page.

Another factor for my desire to adopt is that I am now 29 and would like to be a Father near the age of 30 if at all possible.

Thank you for your prayers.