Some people know that when I lived in a mobile home just under one year ago I had frogs coming out of the toilet on a regular basis. So now I am a bit phobic of these little web footed creatures. So…. in short I really don’t like frogs. My wife doesn’t like them either. In fact the frogs gave us extra motivation to move out of our trailer and buy a house. We needed to be able to sit on the toilet without worrying about frogs.

Well, tonight a frog was hanging out inside of the toilet in our house! So I ran into the garage and grabbed the trusty ’round up’ (yes the weed killer) and sprayed him. He then went swimming into the plumbing. So I flushed , and flushed, and flushed, him out. I got a lot of roundup on him so I am hoping he is unable or at least unwilling to return. But my main concern is: How in the world did he get into the plumbing? Does he have friends? And will they also be coming to visit?

So I went out to the main drainage access to the septic tank to see if there was a way in there. I found the access to be very secure with no possible way in. Unless these frogs can unscrew the cap jump in and the resecure the cap then this frog didn’t get in through this access point. (which I am not completely ruling out, these guys seem to be very clever.)

The only other way in that I can think of are the vents on top of the house. But they are supposed to have mesh on them to keep random critters from getting in. But it is late so I didn’t climb onto the house to check those out yet. That will be a task for tomorrow evening.

So my war with the frogs continues!