Today is World AIDS Day. This day has been set apart for us all to recognize the vastness of HIV/AIDS and its impact on the world.

  • One person is infected with HIV every 6.4 seconds.
  • In 2004 3.1 million people died of AIDS.
  • AIDS has now become the number 4 cause of death worldwide.
  • In Sub-Saharan Africa it is estimated that 64% of the population are currently infected with HIV (25.4 million people)
  • HIV/AIDS has reached pandemic levels.
  • But there is Hope. Jesus Christ loves each and every one of these people. They are not just statistics but each number represents a person that our savior cares deeply for. Jesus is the Hope that we are able to bring to a world that is being ravaged by this horrible disease. And just as Jesus met physical needs we will be helping educate about HIV/AIDS, helping to prevent this disease from spreading more. We also hope that each of you will spend some time asking God what He wants you, personally, to be doing about this disease and how it fits into the work that He has called you. There is no doubt that the HIV pandemic is the greatest opportunity the Church has seen in our lifetime for believers to demonstrate the love of Christ to a hurting world. How will you respond?

    Update on what we are doing…..

    For much of the month of October we were in Kenya for a conference that involved almost 150 NMSI Missionaries! This was a very exciting time for us since the conference was where we will be serving. We got to meet with our future team members with AfricaHope and see the work that is currently being done in Narok. For me (Jeff) this opportunity was amazing. This was my first time in Kenya and being there has helped me to see the great needs that exist in Kenya. At times my heart was broken as I saw the needs and at the same time encouraged that I am following where God is leading.

    To see our pictures from Kenya you can go to

    Upon our arrival back to the United States we were welcomed by Hurricane Wilma.

    We arrived back in Fort Myers just in time to pack up important belongings from our mobile home and take them to a safe location. We rode out the storm in Jaime’s parents home in North Fort Myers. This was a rough time jumping into emergency mode from being in Kenya just days earlier, yet it appeared to help us get over any jet lag we may have had! When the storm passed we were thankful for how God had protected us and our possessions during Wilma. Our home experienced no damage, just a few downed tree limbs. The power was out for only a couple of days and God blessed us with cool weather after the storm so most of the time electricity wasn’t missed at all since we did not need air conditioning. Thank you to everyone who was praying for us during Wilma! The Lord kept us safe!

    We are currently working to pay off some debt before we move to Kenya. I am busy working with our online business selling computer accessories while continuing to provide support to NMSI as needed. Our online store address is , in case you are interested. Jaime is working with a Christian lawyer in Fort Myers. She has been deeply blessed by working at the law office. The job has its stress but the environment is encouraging and the people there are great! So we are very grateful for the people God has placed in our lives and for the opportunities God has given us to pay our bills so we can head to Kenya as soon as possible.

    Just this past week we decided that we need to focus on raising more support to go to Kenya early next year. So we have postponed our departure date to the end of March 2006. Just one month later than our initial goal. In January we will be traveling to meet with Churches and individuals to raise the funds we need to serve in Kenya for our full initial 3 year term. In February we will be going to the Missionary training Institute in Colorado for two weeks of enculturation and language acquisition training before departing for Kenya.

    We are excited to be heading to Kenya so soon. Would you pray for how you might be able to help us serve in Kenya?

    We are in need of prayer supporters, monthly financial supporters, and one time gifts to help us reach Kenya. Is God leading you to help send us to Kenya?

    Blessings and have a Very Merry Christmas this year!!