*HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death worldwide among the ages of 15-59.

**2.9 million people are estimated to have died from HIV/AIDS in 2003. 2.2 million of these were in Sub-Sahara Africa. About half a million of them were children.

**Of the estimated 37.8 million people living with HIV/AIDS worldwide, 25 million of them live in sub-sahara Africa.

**15 million children living today are estimated to have become orphans from the AIDS epidemic. 12 million of them live in Sub-Sahara Africa.

*WHO, The World Health Report 2004 – Changing History, May 2004
**UNAIDS, 2004 Report for Global AIDS Epidemic, July 2004.
Adults are defined as women and men ages 15-49. Orphans are defined as children who have lost their mother or both parents to HIV/AIDS while they were under the age of 15.