Family Update: In less than 4 weeks chances are very good that we will be meeting Baby #3. So this is very exciting!

On top of that I have switched to a new webhost and decided to make some changes to the blog here, and hopefully actually start using it again. I know I planned to do that earlier this year and…well you can see how that worked out. I also have some missing image files to track down for some of the older blog posts. That is on the website to do list.

The site is now also SSL secured so the data going from the webserver to your browser is encrypted with 128 bit encryption when you go to,, and

Encryption in general has become a bit of a hobby for me the past couple of months. From using PGP for encrypted email, to using BitMessage, and even mining some BitCoins. I am far from an expert on any of it, but it is interesting to dabble around with. In conjunction with all of this I have been making a move to using Ubuntu as my main OS at home. I had always found Linux to be lacking. About 7 years ago I used Ubuntu and kept coming back to Windows. I have now been using Ubuntu for a few months almost exclusively at home. Ubuntu is easy to use now, and I like it a lot more than Windows 8. You can toss me into the Linux convert category now folks.

I am also planning to ride 300 miles again in 2014. March 1st-6th I will be joining a group of riders to raise money for Youth Ministry in Thailand. Last year we raised over $45,000 for Youth Ministry and Aid in Zambia. My personal goal this year is to raise $1,000. So, I am seeking people who will partner financially to make an eternal impact in Thailand. Please click the large Donate button below and select ‘Jeff Bristow’ in the fund category to join me in helping Youth in Thailand.