The past few weeks have been stressful to say the least. For anyone following my twitter posts or Facebook status updates, you have caught a glimpse of what is happening on the family front.

Jaime began having contractions about 4 weeks ago, and really hasn’t ever seen them go away completely. This past week, the contractions grew stronger and it took a lot of effort for the OB Triage nurses to get them to slow down. My count could be wrong, but I think Jaime has been in to see the Doctor or OB Triage at least four times in the past couple of weeks.

Due to this, she has been asked to go on Bed Rest. This means she is supposed to be as inactive as possible and is no longer working. If you can, I know Jaime would appreciate visitors, phone calls, or emails since she literally can’t do anything.

Your prayers are also appreciated during this time, it is stressful, but we trust that God is with us and know that His hand is on us and in our lives.

The some positive news is that little Jack is doing just fine. He hasn’t been fazed by all of the contractions and is still growing well. He is also kicking, punching, and doing other athletic activities while in the belly. He will also respond when you press in on him just a bit. And that is really cool!