30daysSome of my readers may remember my 90 Day adventure through the Bible in 2007. Well it ended up being a 90 Day adventure through the Old Testament. It was an amazing journey and is one of the highlights of my personal relationship with God. Somehow soon after finishing the Old Testament I got hung up and wasn’t able to move beyond Matthew during that read through. Looking back I think I hit information overload. I learned so much about God by reading the Old Testament in large sections rather than focusing on individual books or verses that I needed time to process my thoughts and findings. I wrote down most of my thoughts and they can be found in the 90 Days section.

I am now going to read through the New Testament at that same pace. I did this when I first became a Christian and it was truly life changing, so now being a Christian for almost 15 years I am going to embark on this journey again. 30 Days through the New Testament. I will blog some of my thoughts along the way, and I encourage you to take this journey with me. I plan to use the New Living Translation for the ease of reading, and then utilizing the English Standard Version for any in depth study that I need to do.

Rather than beginning this journey on January 1st, I am beginning today, December 23rd, 2008 to fend off any possibility of procrastination creeping in and holding this journey up.

Here is the basic reading outline:

Day 1: [youversion]Matthew 1:1-9:38[/youversion]
Day 2: [youversion]Matthew 10:1-15:39[/youversion]
Day 3: [youversion]Matthew 16:1-22:46[/youversion]
Day 4: [youversion]Matthew 23:1-28:20[/youversion]
Day 5: [youversion]Mark 1:1-8:38[/youversion]
Day 6: [youversion]Mark 9:1-16:20[/youversion]
Day 7: [youversion]Luke 1:1-6:49[/youversion]
Day 8: [youversion]Luke 7:1-11:54[/youversion]
Day 9: [youversion]Luke 12:1-18:43[/youversion]
Day 10: [youversion]Luke 19:1-24:53[/youversion]
Day 11: [youversion]John 1:1-7:53[/youversion]
Day 12: [youversion]John 8:1-13:31[/youversion]
Day 13: [youversion]John 14:1-21:25[/youversion]
Day 14: [youversion]Acts 1:1-7:60[/youversion]
Day 15: [youversion]Acts 8:1-14:28[/youversion]
Day 16: [youversion]Acts 15:1-21:30[/youversion]
Day 17: [youversion]Acts 22:1-28:31[/youversion]
Day 18: [youversion]Romans 1:1-8:39[/youversion]
Day 19: [youversion]Romans 9:1-16:27[/youversion]
Day 20: [youversion]1 Corinthians 1:1-9:27[/youversion]
Day 21: [youversion]1 Corinthians 10:1-16:24[/youversion]
Day 22: [youversion]2 Corinthians 1:1-13:14[/youversion]
Day 23: [youversion]Galatians 1:1-Ephesians 6:24[/youversion]
Day 24: [youversion]Philippians 1:1-2 Thessalonians 1:18[/youversion]
Day 25: [youversion]1 Timothy 1:1-Philemon 1:25[/youversion]
Day 26: [youversion]Hebrews 1:1-13:27[/youversion]
Day 27: [youversion]James 1:1-2 Peter 1:18[/youversion]
Day 28: [youversion]1 John 1:1-Jude 1:25[/youversion]
Day 29: [youversion]Revelation 1:1-11:19[/youversion]
Day 30: [youversion]Revelation 12:1-22:21[/youversion]

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