Let me begin by saying that I am 2 days behind on my read through the Bible in 90 days. But I am reading each day and will get caught up at some point. I am in the Psalms and actually have some things I want to write about but I just can’t seem to find the time to do that, so for now, my thoughts shall remain stuck inside of my cranium.

Yesterday morning my wife called me with some news. We had no water at the house. This had happened to us before so I went home for lunch and fiddled with our water system and came to the conclusion that something was wrong with the well, hopefully just the pump (the pump is under warranty since we just got a new one after living there for only a couple of weeks). So I called our water people and they came out to check it out. What they discovered is that our well is in fact dry. This means no water can be pulled from it….. ever again. The solution to such a problem is to drill a new well. So after my excitement about this great opportunity to dig a new hole in the yard faded I called Jaime to let her know the news. I then began the journey of contacting well drilling companies. Digging wells is quite expensive, so Jaime has gone to the bank today to try and get a loan to cover the cost of the well drilling. But there is good news! We will get our pump replaced for free, oh did I forget to say that when the well went dry our pump melted and fell into the old well? Sorry for that omission. So we will likely not have water for at least the next week.

I have joined a Gym, called the Wellness Center in Cape Coral. I really like this gym because they use computers to track your progress or lack there of. And they have a shower, which is handy since I don’t have one at home any longer. I even got to meet with a personal fitness guru. I have been given a work out plan and I am actually wanting to keep going back. So lets hear some clapping for a new healthier thinner me that is in progress.