I am now 1/3 of the way through the Bible in my 90 day journey, so I wanted to think of any tips I have picked up in the last month that have helped me continue my reading and low and behold, I thought of some. Now I know I have not successfully finished in 90 days yet, but I am going to share some pointers anyway.

(The only item that is in order of importance is item #1, this pointer is a primary reason I am being successful in this plan right now)

1. Try to not read when you are tired. For me this means when I wake up and when I am going to bed. I can’t think about what I am reading when I am tired. (I know this goes against almost everything I had been taught, but all of my other attempts at having a regular Bible reading time had been as morning or evening devotions, and that has never worked for me).

2. Try to read multiple times during the day, not all at once. Maybe 15 minutes mid morning, 15 minutes at lunch and 15 minutes at home in the evening. When I do this it makes my daily reading seem really easy.

3. Keep a Bible in the bathroom. Seriously. (you can get some reading done instead of staring at the wall)

4. Think about what you are reading. This will actually have you wanting to continue reading. If you don’t want to read you simply won’t. So use that lump inside your head.

5. If you get behind don’t stress out. Try to read a couple more chapters each day until you catch up. It really isn’t a big deal unless you make it a big deal.

6. Feel free to read a few extra chapters if you find you have the time or you want to keep reading. (this is a good way to catch up or get ahead)

7. Keep a Bible in your purse or pocket. You never know when you might be sitting waiting somewhere, now you can use this time to read.

8. If you are reading at night and begin to get tired, stop reading. Don’t worry about if you are behind. Reading while you are tired will discourage you, so stop doing it.

9. If you can, blog about what you are reading. You will learn a lot and it will help keep you accountable to the 90 day plan if others are reading your thoughts.

10. Find websites with charts and diagrams for the things that you read in the Old Testament. Like the tabernacle, map of the promise land etc. This stuff will help you follow the reading.

11. Don’t worry so much about the 90 days, if you are reading your Bible now you are probably reading far more than you did before. Rejoice in this victory and keep moving forward. There is nothing special about 90 days. If it takes 102 days great! If it takes 88 days, great! If it takes 379 days, Great!!