I have been reading in the book of Numbers for the past two days. What has been standing out the most so far is the constant disobedience of Israel. They just seem to have an inability to obey God. In a few cases their Sins are so great that God wants to destroy all of Israel and rebuild a new nation from Moses family. But Moses and Aaron plead with God to spare Israel, so God agrees and only punishes a portion of the population of Israel. God shows grace. Israel didn’t deserve His mercy. If in the book of Numbers God had wiped out Israel and started over, it would have been justified. But we see God showing unfailing love and mercy instead of wrath. If my memory is correct Aaron and Moses plead with God on three separate occasions to spare Israel from being destroyed. I am so grateful that God will forgive, and that He listens to His people. He allowed Aaron and Moses to come to him and plead with Him. God could have said “Who are you to stand in my way?” but He did not. He listened and granted their request. I had always focused on God’s wrath throughout these stories, but now I am clearly seeing His grace. When we begin with the belief that we deserve life, even though we have sinned we can see God as unjust. But when we see humans as deserving death for their Sins, then we can see the grace of God throughout the Old Testament. How we see God begins with how we view ourselves. I think often I have viewed myself and humanity as being good (overall), and these books in the Old Testament have always been disturbing to me. So I am so grateful to be seeing Gods grace and realizing that my own view of reality was altering my view of God.

So the adventure through the Bible continues…..