I just finished reading Exodus and was for the first time actually interested in all of the details of the Tabernacle (you know that really big tent God had the people of Israel make) and what should go in it. And at the same time I kept thinking, why did so much detail get passed down through the generations in Exodus. Is it simply because God was making for Himself a Holy place on earth? Or could there be more to why the explicit detail…

Well I did a quick search to find a picture of the Tabernacle so I could get a good visual on what I had just read. And I found this picture:

(click on the picture for a gigantically huge version)

After seeing it I realized this truly was a very nice “tent”. And on this site it also gave some interesting measurements and possible prophetic meanings….

Outer Court
“300 cubits/ 450′ perimeter or 5000 square cubit/ 11,250 square feet
Width + length + height= 1500 cubits

The period of time between Moses and Jesus was approximatly 1,500 years.

Inner Court or Holy Place
60 cubits / 90′ perimeter or 200 square cubit/ 300 square feet
Width + length + height= 2000 cubits

If the above measurement was prophetic could this measurement be a period of 2,000 years from Jesus to about 2030 AD?

Holy of Holies or Most Holy Place
40 cubits / 60′ perimeter or 100 square cubits / 150 square feet
Width + length + height= 1000 cubits

And if the above measurements mean something then could the measurements of the Holy of Holies be related to a 1,000 year reign of Christ as mentioned in Revelation 20:1-6?

I am not certain if any of this really means anything but I find all of this interesting and more and more reason to live like we truly are in the “End Times”. God can come back anytime and we need to be ready.