On March 4th I am going to begin a full read through of the Bible. Cover to cover in 90 days. I have been convicted to read more scripture and I want to really jump into the word. I have chosen to read the New Living Translation, primarily for its ease of reading. I typically use the English Standard Version for more in depth study. I believe that this quantity of reading over the next 90 days will build a good habit of giving God a chunk of my day, and I will have read every word in scripture in only three months as well. The plan I am going to follow will involve reading 30 to 45 minutes per day. I am also prepared for the sections in the Old Testament that describe how the tabernacle should be built. (the end of Exodus) That area has always been a hang up for me in the past. My solution this time around is that I also have an audio version of the NLT and will listen to this if it doesn’t seem like I will have time to read, or if a section of scripture is becoming too long to read and comprehend. (ie… the tabernacle construction plans) So I am looking forward to spending this time with God and in His word to see what He is going to show me. Click here to see the plan plan that I am going to try and follow.

The amount of reading needed on a daily basis to accomplish this is similar to one of the following:

* 3 1/2 pages in the Wall Street Journal
* 4 pages in USA Today
* 10 pages in my local newspaper
* 28 pages (one week’s worth of readings) in the ever-popular book, “The Purpose Driven Life”
* 60 pages in People magazine (about 1/4 of the total magazine)
* 8,000 words from whatever you may be reading…

I have found that I read a lot each day, I am just not intentional in giving God my reading time. So I am hoping to stick with this program. When I really think about it it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal to read the entire Bible in 90 days. I remember when I was in high School I read a Stephen King novel called The Stand (unabridged) which is well over 1,000 pages. And I think I read that in just over two weeks. Now if I could give Stephen King that kind of time out of my day then I certainly should be able to give God at least that much time in His word. And I am certain that the Bible will be leaps and bounds more beneficial for me than reading something from Mr. King.

So what started this 90 day idea?

I learned about this 90 day reading plan at http://www.biblein90days.com. They have an online progress chart and discussion board for people who have taken the challenge to discuss what they are reading. (this sort of thing will be very helpful for me) The program is designed to use the NIV and a special publication of the NIV that breaks the reading sessions down to only 12 pages a day. But since I really don’t want to read the NIV I have adapted the format and will be reading and or listening to the NLT. So if you are reading this blog post let me challenge you to read the entire Bible in 90 days with me or on your own. I am anticipating this to be an amazing journey.