Have you wondered what your taxes might look like after McCain or Obama becomes the President of the United States? If we assume that either candidate can actually get anything passed through congress you can go to and get a basic idea of what your tax difference could be.

There are a lot of variables that are not being taken into account in the above calculator for both candidates full proposals, mainly due to these variables not being quantifiable or directly affecting your actual tax bill, but could greatly determine your purchasing power. (inflation, corporate taxes handed down to customers as additional costs to ‘goods and services’, and other such items) But if you would like to read through the full list of assumptions actually used for this calculator you can click here.

More importantly if you would like to see a plan that would truly revolutionaize the tax code in the United States, bring businesses back to the USA and provide more green in your wallet click here. It is called the Fair Tax, and to see what your wallet would look like under the Fair Tax you can use this calculator. Too bad no major candidate actually has the fortitude to think ‘outside of the box’. Mccain and Obama simply want to tweak the current tax code, rather than making it fair and more lucrative to the public and the government. It is my opinion that anything less than the FairTax won’t save our economy. We are going down the tubes, and some serious action needs to be taken to increase our individual purchasing power and increase revenues for the government so they can pay off our nations debt.

First Presidential Debate

The debate last night sounded like more of the same from each candidate. Barack Obama continued to refer to changes in a very vague sense, and McCain seemed to be pounding the drum against wasteful spending. And they both continually pointed at each other, rather than focusing on what America would look like under their leadership. I was hoping that each candidate could come up with some new ‘material’ and give America a fresh case, rather than pointing out things about the ‘other guy’. I am not sure this debate has helped anyone who is undecided choose a candidate.

But, don’t take my word for it. You can watch the Debate in full below.


Often we have difficulty understanding what wisdom is. It isn’t knowing the facts. It isn’t about being a genius. It is about knowing and understanding a truth so much that it drives your very decisions and the life you live. Someone with wisdom makes good choices, wise choices. Someone with wisdom is able to see life more from Gods perspective than their own. To see past what everyone else sees.

Just the other day someone sent me a link to a video that may make you cry, but it will also show you a couple that has true wisdom and perspective that can certainly only come from God. – The of Pictures – The of Pictures

I discovered another useful social networking tool that is in beta. It is called Pikter. The concept behind this tool is similar to what does with status updates, but for pictures.

You submit your picture to via a secret email address and your picture automatically gets sent to the social networks that you have choosen to setup with Currently, you can send to twitter, Gospelr, Flickr, Picasa, and Jaiku. I expect that they will be adding more services in time.

I really look forward to this service evolving with more networks in the near future. This is already so extremely valuable for those of us who have friends on different social networks. This allows us to get our pictures into most of our friends hands without needing to go to each social network. In short, this is a real time saver.

My personal wish list of features for

Facebook – have the picture go to the mobile upload area for a Facebook account.
Blogger – Create a blog post with the picture in it. &.org – Create a blog post with the picture in it. (or maybe even allow self hosted setups choose a default folder to upload the photo to.) is currently in beta, so you will need an invite code to setup an account, so if you would like an invite code send me a message and I will get one to you.