The 7 Best Free iPhone Apps

The iPhone 3G was released just a few days ago and one of the coolest things to come with it is the iPhone Apps Store. Already there are hundreds of Apps to choose from, and I have been browsing through many of them to find the best picks. Here are what I consider the best 7 Apps for the iPhone available through the Apps Store. (as of 6/14/2008)

Holy Bible

This App grabs Bible text from You get access to 16 different translations with full search capability. You can also use a daily reading function to help you read through the Bible in a year and contribute notes to the community. This is an excellent Bible Study tool and is much handier than carrying around a bound Bible wherever you go.


The Facebook App allows you to see your Facebook inbox, and see any status changes any of your friends have made. Most of my friends tend to update things on Facebook regularly so I find this App extremely helpful in keeping up with what and how they are doing. It is nice to not have to jump onto a computer to gather this information.

Mobile Banking

If you use Bank of America then this App is perfect. You can access your Bank of America bank account, transfer funds, and even see where the closest ATM machine is to your current location. I am always looking for a Bank of America ATM, so this little App is especially handy. So, if you have ever wondered how much money is left in your bank account after having to send more money to AT&T to use your iPhone, the Mobile Banking App is there to help you out.

SpeechCloud Voice Dialer

A phone I used to have a long…long…. time ago had voice dialing. And I loved it. This was something I was surprised to see was missing with the new iPhone. But along comes SpeechCloud to save the day. With this little gem you can press a big green button and say the name of one of your contacts and it will call them. This is much safer than trying to scroll through your contacts while you are driving, even though I know none of us ever do that….


AOL Instant Messenger isn’t my favorite IM service, but this is the best IM application currently available in the Apps Store. It does an excellent job too, my only complaint is that it isn’t active when you are on another screen, so it isn’t practical to be ‘always on’ and receive IM messages whenever they come in. But it makes the list because it is currently the only IM client you can get. 🙂


Twitter is a social utility that allows people to share short messages. I have been using Twitter for the past year and actually wish more of my friends used it. Twitterific is a great tool to connect you to see all of your friends latest Twitters and even make your own. You even get a nice Twitter sound when one comes in. (this only work when the application is active though, just like AIM) – I actually update Twitter via, so if you want an invite to just let me know in the comments and I can see what I can do.


I believe that this App is tons better than AOL Radio. With Pandora you tell it an Artist that you enjoy listening to, and it creates a ‘station’ that will play music that you will also likely enjoy. In the App you can give a song a thumbs up or a thumbs down so Pandora can learn more about your musical tastes. This App works great on the 3G network and gives you access to a ton of music, it truly is amazing.

These are my current top 7 picks from the Apps Store. Do you have some other picks that you feel are worthy of mention? Then leave a comment and share. 🙂