Is Huckabee at fault for Wayne Dumond?

A story is now being widely reported about a man who was paroled while Mike Huckabee was Governor of Arkansas. This man, Wayne Dumond, after being released raped and murdered again. Some are reporting that Mike Huckabee pardoned Wayne Dumond. The record clearly shows this is not the case, that Wayne Dumond was out of prison on parole.

So this big question is “Is Mike Huckabee at fault for this parole?”

To answer this we first need to know the powers of the Governor of Arkansas.

Can the Governor of Arkansas actually parole someone?

The answer is No. An appointed parole board does this in the State of Arkansas.

So then “Did Mike Huckabee appoint any members of this board?”

No, he did not. All of the members of this board were either appointed by Bill Clinton or Jim Tucker.

So the real question is “How can people be saying that Mike Huckabee is at fault for a man being paroled in the State of Arkansas by a board he didn’t even appoint?

This is where this case becomes a “he said, she said” situation. 3 parole board members claim that Mike Huckabee pressured them into allowing Wayne Dumond’s parole. 7 of the parole board members do not say this. Mike Huckabee also denies that he pressured the parole board. Interesting. All of these board members were appointed by Democrat governors, Mike Huckabee is a republican. So why are all of the board members not in agreement? Why are 7 members not jumping on the band wagon? Could it possibly be political?

It appears there is enough to question the legitimacy of the claims that the three parole board members have made.

So what is Mike Huckabee’s response to all of this?

“It has been reported that Governor Huckabee released, pardoned, or granted parole to convicted rapist Wayne Dumond. That is not true. It’s interesting that Wayne Dumond’s name only surfaces during an election year for Governor Huckabee. In 2002, his Democrat opponent in the midst of the general election made a political issue out the entire thing. Arkansas voters didn’t buy this false attack from the Democrat in 2002 and re-elected Governor Huckabee to another term as Governor of Arkansas. Here are the facts of the Dumond case:

Governor Jim Guy Tucker gave executive clemency to Wayne DuMond, and commuted his sentence to 39.5 years. This action made Wayne DuMond immediately eligible for parole.

The parole board was made up entirely of Democrats appointed by Democrat Governors Bill Clinton and Jim Guy Tucker (who was later convicted on federal charges and removed from office). Not one member of the board was appointed by Huckabee.

Governor Huckabee never took action in the DuMond case that made him parole eligible.

Governor Huckabee either denied Wayne DuMond’s clemency request, or took no action (which is the same as a denial) on four separate occasions.

Governor Huckabee did not parole Wayne Dumond. Governor Huckabee had no authority to do that. Governors in Arkansas don’t grant parole-the parole board does.

The fact remains that Governor Huckabee didn’t commutate, pardon, parole or grant any form of clemency to Wayne DuMond.”
— from

And here is Wolf Blitzer asking Mike Huckabee about this issue.

So what is the truth?

It certainly appears that the system failed in the State of Arkansas. A horrible man was let back into society. Wayne Dumond then raped and killed after being released. Mike Huckabee was the Governor of Arkansas at that time, but saying the buck stops at the Governor is a simplistic view of the situation. One that doesn’t capture the truth. Decisions made by Jim Tucker and the parole board directly allowed Wayne Dumond back into society. If Mike Huckabee ‘pressured’ the parole board to release Wayne Dumond the responsibility of that decision still sits on the shoulders of the board. Mike Huckabee admits that he thought parole was acceptable, just as the parole board did. Obviously they were wrong. But it was the parole board that made the decision, not Mike Huckabee. And with only 3 parole board members making accusations against Mike Huckabee and 7 members not making such claims, I am hard pressed to believe that these accusations are valid. Could it be 3 people who desperatley want to point fingers at at someone else so that they can feel better about the decision they made? Could it be because they don’t want Mike Huckabee to become president? It could be a lot of things. But since the entire board does not agree with the accusations, it certainly makes the legitimacy of the accusations questionable. Mike Huckabee has expressed that he regrets that this decision was made in his state, and that he himself believed parole was the right action to take at the time, but the blame still does not fall on his shoulders. I blame Wayne Dumond for his actions and the entire judicial system in Arkansas for not keeping Dumond locked up in the first place.

Proper Food Portions

I found a list of how to compare proper food portions with everyday objects that we are familiar with.

I hope you find this helpful:

Food portion: 1 oz sausage link (54 cal, 5 g fat)

Same size as: shotgun shell

Food portion: 1 tsp butter (34 cal, 4 g fat)

Same size as: tip of thumb

Food portion: 1/2 c mashed potatoes (112 cal, 5 g fat)

Same size as: 1/2 apple

Food portion: 1 oz cubed Swiss cheese (107 cal, 8 g fat)

Same size as: 4 dice

Food portion: 1/2 c cooked spaghetti (99 cal, 1 g fat)

Same size as: fist

Food portion: 3 oz beef (219 cal, 13 g fat)

Same size as: deck of cards

Food portion: 1/2 c ice cream (143 cal, 7 g fat)

Same size as: tennis ball

Food portion: 4 oz dry spaghetti (422 cal, 2 g fat)

Same size as: the diameter of a quarter (when held tightly together and viewed from the end)

Food portion: 1 c chicken-noodle soup (175 cal, 6 g fat)

Same size as: baseball

Food portion: 1 Tbsp blue-cheese dressing (77 cal, 8 g fat)

Same size as: 1/2 golf ball

Food portion: 8 oz lasagna (270 cal, 8 g fat)

Same size as: 2 hockey pucks

Food portion: 1 oz mozzarella (80 cal, 6 g fat)

Same size as: Ping-Pong ball

This information came from the Men’s Health website.

Know where you are on the Internet

Know where you are on the Internet

I was talking with someone at work today about the Internet. They mentioned that they are always confused about how to know if the website they are at is really the ‘real website’. The example they mentioned was an Online Banking website. They have heard about fake sites being setup to trick you into providing your login details and then people steal all of your money. This is a legitimate concern, because people really do setup fake sites and do exactly that, take your money. The good news is that if you are using an up-to-date web browser (Firefox or IE7), and use your eyes then you can easily know if you are at a real site or a fake site. The address bar is the area at the top of your browser window where you would type in a website address. I have learned that tons of people surf the web without typing anything or ever looking at the address bar. If you are one of those people then this information will be extra important for you. So, this blog post is intended to explain to whomever takes the time to read this, why it is important to simply look at your address bar to see where you are on the Internet.

Here is a picture of my address bar. You should see something similar to this at the top of your web browser.


Let me provide an example of why it is important to look at your address bar. You get an email from Bank of America for some special offer, and you want this offer. You click a link in the email. The site you go to looks like the Bank of America site and it has a login form. You are excited to get this great offer from Bank of America. But wait. STOP! Before you log into this site you need to look at the address bar in your browser. Why?

If you see , then you are probably at the real Bank of America website. However, since you clicked a link in an email you may not want to 100% trust this due to some older browser vulnerabilities. IE7 has some anti-phishing tools that are good to have enabled. If you are not using an up-to-date browser you should install Firefox or IE7 as soon as possible. Old Web browsers can put you at risk to get tricked into logging into a fake site.

If you see , or any other site then you are at what is called a Phishing site. If you log into this site some criminal will get your Bank of America login information and will then have full access to your Bank Account.
You may even see something like . The portion is the site you are going to if you click this link. I know it says bankofamerica in the link, but it simply isn’t the Bank of America website. Why? You should read a URL from right to left, and not left to right. That portion directly before the .com is the real website you are heading to, and that does not say

I know someone right now is really concerned at how easy it might be for someone to setup a fake site and trick you. But don’t be concerned. Keep your web browser up to date and use your eyes to look at the address bar and you will be fine. Another simple rule of thumb to avoid fake sites is, simply don’t ever go to an important site by clicking on a link. You should go to important sites directly and never through a link in an email or from another website. Legitimate banking sites don’t ever provide login links or ever ask for personal information about you or your account through email. So simply getting such a request through email should be ignored, ignore it even if the email says that the bank is going to take your house. If you are actually concerned give the bank a call, but don’t mess around with the email or any links that might be in it. If you still want to go to the Bank of America website simply type into your address bar or use a favorite or bookmarked link. You don’t have to use a link to get to a website, that is what the address bar is for. 🙂

For some , this may be a new way to surf the web. But it is extremely important to look at your address bar. It is simple and could save you from a lot of hassle and financial loss. Know where you are on the Internet. And only provide login information when you are 100% sure you are at the website you intend to be at. The eyes built into your head are your best tool for keeping you safe online.